18Shake Review: Does it Work as You Expect it to be?

We have all had our fair share of disappointments when it is about meal replacement shakes. You probably are the victim of a very presentable packaging with a promising and grand label that reassured you how fast you would lose weight when you would use the product. But after months of use, it did not yield any visible results to your body; aside from making a big hole in your pocket.

Well, we do not want this to happen to you anymore. So we have reviewed a particular meal replacement product in this article that has been gathering the attention of many since its inception, 18Shake. It is a shake available in chocolate flavor and promises a great deal of health benefits on top of helping you shed some weight. Now, let’s check it out.

18Shake and the quality of its ingredients

What makes 18Shake definitely stand out from the vast number of meal replacement shakes out there is the quality and the perfect amount of ingredients added into it that cannot be found elsewhere. Only the best and natural nutrients needed for weight loss have been used into the shake, making you lose or gain weight in the most natural and healthy way possible. Whey, the best form of protein is the key ingredient of the shake. With only a gram of stevia, the best sweetener out there, can transform the shake into a mouth-bursting one. All these ingredients show that 18Shake does not settle for less, but only seeks to provide you the best that nature can offer to aid you in achieving a healthier body.

18Shake Contents and Possible Side Effects

18Shake packs only the best ingredients that anyone can ask for from a shake when it comes to burning fats and building muscles. The following are the core components of 18Shake:

  •         Whey Protein

Since 18Shake targets to help you gain muscles and burn fats. Its manufacturers have put in the most efficient form of protein to do that, whey. Not only that, it is also a great source of amino acids and helps your immune system put up a better fight against foreign, disease-causing elements. The combination of two different kinds of whey protein which are whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate makes this even healthier and easier to digest; thus increasing the production of muscles in your body.

  •         Stevia

What kind of shake doesn’t come in a tasty and sweet flavor, right? But unlike any other shakes that contain sweeteners yet are counterproductive to your weight loss efforts due to their added glucose, 18Shake brilliantly puts in only a gram of stevia, a sweetener that is sweeter than your normal sugar and makes the whole shake much tastier without causing any adverse effects.

  •         Maltodextrin

In case you’re wondering what this is, it’s a kind of fiber that has digestive resistant properties and can aid in appetite suppression and better digestion without any negative impact that most fibers bring in, like bloating.

  •         Natural Cocoa

What could be better to add a chocolate flavor to a shake than using a small amount of nutrient-packed and delicious cocoa? It is an extract from fermented and dry cocoa fruit that really makes some great chocolate and is added into some of the commercial chocolates in the market because of its remarkable and distinguished taste. Not only does it boast of its mouth-watering chocolate taste, it also blatantly delivers other health benefits like cholesterol levels and blood clots risk reduction, enhanced blood flow, stabilization of blood pressure, and improved thinking and cognitive skills. Plus, it contains potassium and calcium that contribute to a healthier well-being.

Possible side effects of the product include nausea, upset stomach, and bloating. These are according to some users who have reportedly experienced the said side effects.

18Shake’s Price and Quality

With just a price of $59.99 per package, you really have to try this shake; and they also have various promotions and discounts on multiple purchases. When we consider the natural ingredients of the shake and how delicious it could be with the proper preparation, this is really a fair amount for a shake that has been proven by many to be working.

Furthermore, clinical studies have supported the effectiveness of various micro and macronutrients of the shake, proving further its authenticity and that you are definitely not wasting away your money and time by buying this product.

Not only that, but the perfect combination of whey protein that contains only a gram of stevia to sweeten the whole shake and fiber in only 5 grams along with other 18 other nutrients delivers a powerful blend in a very delectable shake.

18Shake’s Business

18Shake is manufactured by 18Nutrition which is based in Los Angeles, California and has a long-standing and stable relationship with Better Business Bureau, which means they also take care of their customers and are very transparent with their products and responsive when it comes to user inquires.

Should you wish to contact them, you can do so by dialing (800) 614-1820. And if you want to send an e-mail instead, you can send your thought to 18nutrition@gmail.com.

Customers’ thought about 18Shake

Reviews and testimonials of how 18Shake has been really effective in making customers lose weight are available in its official website. Some tell how the shake is so easy to use, yet has tremendously positive effects on the body aside from shedding some pounds. For a detailed account of their transformation stories, you can visit 18Shake’s official website.

Conclusion- Does 18Shake really work?

There are a lot of factors to look at in order to ascertain if the product really works or not. Based on the nature of the ingredients of 18Shake and the countless number of people vouching for the authenticity of the product, we can conclude that 18Shake really does work. With so many vitamins and minerals that work together to flush out those impurities away and help you lose weight, no wonder it has been proclaimed as the Best Diet Shake of 2017.