Amazing new float center

This Indiegogo project is focusing its energy on the creation of flotation tanks. This will be developed into a flotation centre in the area of Shreveport and will focus on providing flotation tanks for individuals that want to experience the benefits that these devices can provide. The main function of a flotation tank is to provide sensory deprivation and this has a number of benefits when it is carried out. The flotation tank holds pharmaceutical grade water and Epson salt and there is no light or sound within the tank.

When you get into the flotation tank you will then begin to feel a sensation of relaxation and this will lower your stress levels. The effect will also lead to higher dopamine levels and this will help you to achieve a higher sense of happiness. There are also many other benefits to a flotation tank, such as the ability of relieving pain and other mental issues such as emotional involving stress, and sleeping issues including that of insomnia. Individuals who have aching muscles and bones will achieve a greater sense of relaxation and the pain will be lifted when an individual spends time within the flotation tank.

One of the most interesting things that a deprivation tank can do is provide a level of meditation that sometimes takes many years to achieve. This is what can create a sense of calm and well-being within the individual. The flotation spa is also healthy for the individual and will create a positive effect on the skin, due to the Epson salts and the magnesium that is contained within the tank.

This Indiegogo project is currently looking for funding so that it can develop the first float centre within the area of Shreveport and they are currently looking for $35,000. There will be a number of gifts and offers for those that choose to donate money and this includes introductory float sessions, as well as T-shirts and other benefits.

You can support this project and join them at: