Apothecarry a Case Everyone Needs!

Since cannabis was legalised there has been even more research carried out into the medical benefits of smoking marijuana. Today’s smokers are not the typical teenage stoners that used to be the stereotype of cannabis users, they are more sophisticated. They also want somewhere to keep their herbs that will preserve their flavor and give them a great taste. This is why the Apothecarry Case is such a good choice for our herb storage solution.

Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case is a luxury item that has been constructed to the highest standards. It is a stylish case that will be a great addition to your home. It is made from the finest hardwood and also has a leather interior. It can be used a showpiece, while still maintaining discretion and function. You can also be sure that the case is secure from children and pets. The case can be locked via key and there is also a combination lock so you can be extra sure that it is secure.

The interior of the case is divided into different storage compartments so that everything can be kept separate. This prevents any cross contamination from odors, maintaining the freshness of the herbs. The case also comes with four airtight humidity jars that will keep your cannabis at 62% humidity, which is the prefect level of humidity. These jars also come with wipe clean labels so you can keep all of your different strains separated and clearly labelled.

The Apothecarry Case is available to preorder now from Indiegogo. When you order your case, or any of the accessories, you will also be helping this business get off the ground. Ordering before it goes on general sale means that you will get access to discounts on the products, and a range of other perks. Your products will be delivered to you in the early part of 2016.