Free to Choose Medical Vaccination Documentary

If you were looking foran Indiegogoproject that dealt with the contentious issue of vaccination, you’ve found yourself one here. Vaccination has been a subject of controversy for quite a long time. The opinions are divided between vaccine absolutists and people choosing to stay out complying with their constitutional rights. There needs to be more awareness about this subject and one may not find suitable unbiased opinions.

Free to Choose

“Free to Choose” is a full length documentary dealing with the controversy related to vaccines. The film throws light on how the vaccine mandates go against the Supreme Court ruling of United States regarding the right of each individual to accept or decline medical care for any cited reason. This is quite significant considering the harmful effects of vaccines marketed as ‘safe.’

The movie seeks to answer the different questions regarding the Bill of Rights and its effect on American’s medical rights. It aims to transfer the viewpoint of vaccine science from favoring regulatory control to suit the medical privacy and autonomy of an individual.

The producers feel that the film’s striking ending will turn it into a movement initiating immediate government response upon the film’s release. They will continue their struggle till vaccine mandates release waivers as necessitated by the Bill of Rights. On this depends the future of every child of the country.

The rewards

The rewards start out with an exclusive protest sign to add their child’s picture and proclaim “I Am Free to Choose.” Higher contributions are rewarded with normal and Blu-ray DVDs, shirts with film logo, copies of the film for distribution and more. Backers can also contribute $ 1000 and more to feature their name on the film credits. They will get a bundle of goodies with all the above mentioned items and more. One can be a part of this revolutionary movie movement just by contributing $ 5.

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