Halotherapy Benefits and Smoking Damage

Halotherapy or salt therapy is beneficial in curing many conditions of the body brought due to the malfunctioning of lungs. It is not useful only in curing problems associated with smoking but is used as a treatment to heal or reduce the symptoms of Allergies, Sinusitis, Asthma, Psoriasis, COPD and Cystic fibrosis.

Many researches already proved that it works miraculously on lung-diseases or condition caused due to the malfunctioning of lungs. Hence it is highly effective on smoking damage too. Spas are available now where they provide salt room for treating the above mentioned conditions or diseases.

Smoking Damage

Smoking damages brought to the body due to intense smoking habit are many like loss of appetite, infertility, lung cancer, bronchitis, poor vision, wrinkly skin etc. Among them the damages (except the fatal ones) caused to the lungs can be relieved soon through Halotherapy.

The person suffering from smoking damage must not only undergo Halotherpay but should also restrain himself from the habit of smoking to avoid risks in future.

History of Halotherapy

A polish physician Feliks Boczkowski understood the fact that miners who work in salt mine do not undergo respiratory problems when compared to those who work in mines other than salt mines.

Another German doctor by observing his patients concluded that those who had used salt caves for hiding themselves during World War II showed health benefits due to the salty air they breathed. Such news became the main motivating factor for the salt room options extended across Europe.

Halotherapy at home

Salt therapy or Halotherapy at home can also be done. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before doing the same. This helps in customizing the salt therapy at home according to your specific health needs. You can also understand the hygiene measures to be taken while creating the salt therapy at home environment by doing so.

Things to be taken care while offering Halotherapy

Understand the following from an expert before offering tailored Halotherapy treatment suiting individual needs.

  1. The right technology to be used.
  2. The right substance to be used.
  3. The right kind of ventilation, humidification and heating options to be maintained.