Help Lisa To Fight Jawbone Poisoning and Chronic Osteomyelitis

A lifetime of medical mistakes, misdiagnosis and mistreatment have brought her to a place where she is now requesting our divine assistance in any form possible; prayer, practitioner recommendation, or simply sharing her story to assist others with similar conditions.

At this stage, all doctors and insurance have given up on her, as the list of health conditions and history seem far too complex for them to accept. She has been fighting for her life since the first diagnosis. Her current situation leaves her with little options, as HMO have rendered her condition untreatable and inoperable.

At age 11, a sports accident resulted in her need for a root canal, at which time the dental surgeon carelessly missed the nerve root and injected her with amalgam filling. This poisonous filling primarily consists of the toxic element Mercury poisoning her jawbone and absorbing into her bloodstream. 2 decades later, this tooth was extracted and it was discovered that she had an infection festering in her jaw the entire time (also known as an isolated focal infection). Once the tooth was removed, the area was unable to heal and the infection had spread into her jaw and pallet, proven by a bone biopsy in 2005. Some of this toxicity has been removed through multiple bone debridement surgeries. Some Mercury, however, remains and is continuously absorbed into her bloodstream.

Prior to being diagnosed with the bone infection in her 30’s, green welts appeared on Lisa’s ribs & throughout her body. She submitted her condition through 20 physicians although nothing showed up in her blood work. Her condition went untreated until 2005 when two physicians proved that she did in fact have some sort of disease. Because her condition does not show up in blood work, physicians won’t risk their license to provide her with the medical treatment that she needs to survive. Lisa does not have access to appropriate medicines to contain the infection at this time.

Since 2005 and on, Lisa has had drainage coming from her jaws. Infected bone has been removed from her jaws, pallet & cheek bone, up to the ridge of her eye socket.

Lisa has had a fistula go from her jaws to her nasal sinus tract, which though has closed up since, has not been fully debrided. She still feels the infection in these areas. Swelling and odd cellular activity has shown up on both sides of Lisa’s temple region where the sphenoid sinus bone attaches. Lisa has had multiple bone biopsies that prove chronic fibrosing osteomyelitis & ostenecrosis of both jaws.

Bone scans prove infected areas including her sternum & ribs, as well as the sphenoid sinus.These areas are inoperable and are being left untreated. The fresh blood supply is cut off to the bone causing the bone to die, as it requires fresh blood to heal. She also has a secondary auto-immune infection running rampant through her body.

Lisa is self-medicating with light doses of antibiotics from her reserve to help provide relief of her infection but is soon to run out. Her antibiotics help with chronic pain, fatigue, low grade fevers, rashes and blisters. The osteoitis in her ribs drains into her system where bacteria travels under her skin throughout her body known as part of her secondary autoimmune infection in line with what is known as SAPO syndrome.

We appreciate any loving energy that you can share in her direction as we search to find her the appropriate care required to get her conditions under control. Any suggestions or ideas you have will be appreciated, as Lisa deserves the highest quality of life. We thank you in advance as we know your energy is valuable and we appreciate you very much.

Blessings to you all.

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