How to choose the best batteries for e-cigarette

The e-cigarette has become a common device that is used by many people across the world. One of the advantages that are attached to it is the high vaporization of substance. There is also the benefit of reduced odor that is often associated with traditional cigarettes. Most of the e cigarettes are often divided into parts that include the mouth piece, the refiling chamber and also the battery compartment.


Batteries are used to power the cigarette and can be charger to enable the vaporization of substance. Here are factors to consider when choosing batteries for e cig.

  1. The size of the battery

One of the advantages of an e cig is the fact that it is small enough to be carried around. Their one of the factors that you can consider when choosing the battery is that it is able to fit into the vape or e cigarette. This makes it possible for you to carry them around and be able to use them whenever and wherever you are. Most of the batteries are usually made specifically to fit into the e cigarette and are available in most stores.

  1. The length of life

Batteries power the e cigarette and enable it to vaporize the material in the heat chamber. Therefore it is important to know how long a fully charged battery can last. You will be able to estimate how many batteries you need to last you the time that you may not have access to power.  This will vary depending on the number of times that you are vaping. It is preferable to choose a battery that will last for a long time.

  1. Suitability for different e cigs

There are some batteries that are only designed to fit into some selected e cigarettes. This makes it rigid. Therefore when choosing a battery you should ensure that the battery that you choose is one that is able to be used on different vapes. This is in terms of size and even the power consumption levels for the vaporizers.

  1. Simplicity

Choose a battery that is easy to use, this is especially when you are starting out on vapes or even when you want to try out a new vapes. Some e cigs  batteries are suitable for people of all range from beginners to advanced users. This is in term of installation, the battery life and also the size. Feature like showing when the battery is fully charged can come in handy when it comes to simplicity of use.

  1. Accessories

Some batteries come with accessories that the user can use on the go. Some of these accessories can include; a USB cable or adapter that will enable it to be compatible with other vapes in the market. Ensure also that you check other additional features that will allow you to make a wise decision when buying a battery for you vaporizer.


Although there are many batteries in the market not all are suitable for you e cig that is why it is important to look for battery that will fit your needs.