How to Get Rid of Man Boobs?

Having a perfect upper body is the main indication of fitness. Even people having man boobs do not like seeing others with man boobs. If you wish to have a good chest then you need to do certain exercises with utmost dedication. There are two kinds of exercises. They are:

Muscle strengthening exercises

Muscles should be trimmed in order to make the chest look perfect. Muscle strengthening exercises helps in the same. Push-up is a very good exercise that helps you in sculpting your chest.

Presses are yet another exercise pattern that helps you to get rid of man boobs. The direction of pressing must be away from your chest. For e.g.:- If you are lying down on a bench then hold some weight on both of your hands after curving your elbows a little towards your sides. Then lift these weights away from your chest and bring them back for repeating the exercise.


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Fly is the third exercise. Fly or flye is done by pulling your arms together. You can do this using a resistance band. You can get the resistance band stuck to the door behind you at the hip-height. Hold each end of the resistance band in each hand. Start with open arms and bring the band to the front side of your chest. Slowly open again.

Cardiovascular exercises

You can make these exercises an enjoyable one by understanding your taste. If you like to run then run. If you like swimming then makes sure that you swim at least 5 days a week. Going for cycling, rowing etc are other options. You can start using the stairs instead of the lift too. This increases the blood flow and helps you in staying fit. This also helps in burning excess fat from unwanted areas including the chest. Daily cardiovascular exercises aid you in reducing chest fat to a great extent.

Combining both cardiovascular exercises and muscle strengthening chest exercises is a must. Doing only exercises related to the chest brings lots of good results but they are inefficient in removing fat covering the muscles. Hence make sure to combine muscle strengthening exercises with cardiovascular exercises.