How to Treat Hypoglycemia without Diabetes

Hypoglycemia is a state of low blood sugar and is usually caused due to overproduction of insulin. Most of the people usually have a question in their minds that whether it is possible to have Hypoglycemia without Diabetes. The answer to this is yes but first one need to understand the difference between the two states. Where diabetes is a persistent medical condition, one should be aware of the fact that hypoglycaemia may come and go.

Yes, hypoglycaemia is closely related to Diabetes, sharing many of the same symptoms but it is not as serious as Diabetes and is easier to cure.Hypoglycemia without Diabetes is a fact and when a person suffering from it do not eat or have bad eating habits, it can cause dips in blood sugar and at the same time erratic levels.

This can initiate symptoms like headache, fainting, dizziness, irritability and many more. Nominal blood sugar levels may vary from person to person and thus the intensity of the symptoms also vary. Reactive hypoglycaemia is set off by various factors. Some of them are:

1. When consumes foods containing high starch or simple cards.
2. Having poor eating habits such as going hours without meal or skipping meals.

It is often seen that people suffering from hypoglycaemia without diabetes try using food journals so as to come up with it and feel normal. It is not at all a bad idea to note down how you eat and what you eat during a day and then include or eliminate your eatables in your meals so as to make your meal perfect.

Some people also like to experiment with their breakfast as they are well aware of the fact that if they start their day with proper breakfast they can easily feel normal and good again. Proper breakfast is really important for Hypoglycemia sufferers as it can make a big difference and can give a superb start.