Keep Your Blood Glucose Levels in Check with Pepex

Indiegogo is the home to many interesting inventions. Pepex is the latest addition to the list of top innovations that need your funding. The project is about a device that helps to measure the blood glucose levels for the diabetic people. The glucose level of any diabetic person is very important. This device will keep you updated with your glucose levels and take the necessary measures in case it goes below the acceptable level.


Notable Features of Pepex

It is strapless and easy to use

No more straps that have to be fastened before reading the glucose levels. You simply put the device on your hand as instructed and measure your glucose level. The device can be used by anyone who needs to check their glucose levels.

Blood droplet free

Not all people are fans of injections. The good news is that the Pepex device does not need to draw your blood just to measure the glucose level. Since it is blood droplet free, many people would want to use it more often without feeling the pinch of an injection.

Small in size

The device will easily fit in your pocket for better portability. It will be possible to move around with the device anywhere you go. The device can be used whenever you are and get the readings. It is not what you are used as the big and cumbersome diabetes kit.

The Pepex project is meant to provide a device that the doctors and caregivers can use to monitor their patients. The device will help many people who do not have enough time to keep on checking with the doctor just to know the glucose level. That can be risky, especially in the severe cases of diabetes. You could save a life by simply keeping yourself updated on the glucose levels with this device.

Pepex is not the first product made by the same company. The company looking to make the Pepex device has worked on other medical kits before. It is an assurance enough that the device will be made by professionals who know the importance of providing accurate glucose readings.