Keloids and Its Natural Home Remedies

Before going ahead with treatment for Keloid, it is important to firstly understand what is keloid and its possible symptoms and causes?

Keloids are additional skin tissue that gets formed on top of an existing wound naturally. This additional formation of skin tissue can take more than a month frame to develop. Although they do not possess any serious health concerns, keloids can be of serious skin trouble to you on the long run.

Keloids are seen commonly in both male and female body and more than 10 percent of the world population is prone to keloids infection in their body.

The most common symptom of keloids in Malaysia is itchy skin which tightens your skin tissue making it difficult for movement. It is also possible that keloids form at a visible location in your body making you self conscious all the time.

On the long run you might also experience tenderness, dry skin or any other kind of irritation making you uncomfortable.

Keloid treatment at home

Once you have a visible growth or kelids on your body, then it is important for you to remove the growth from your body.

Although keloids do not possess any health concern they are of serious cosmetic concern and require you to remove it from your body immediately.

Follow any of the below mentioned home remedies to remove keloids in home itself:

Use Aspirin tablet: Crush aspirin tablet and mix this with water to make a smooth paste. Now once the paste is ready apply this all over the scar. Once it is dried completely allow it to wash. You can also apply tree or olive oil on Keloid scar. Continue this until the scar is completely cleared.

Sandalwood and rose water paste: Now this is the easiest natural remedy you can have when it comes to scar treatment and removal of keloids. Sandalwood has skin rejuvenating properties and rose water can tone your skin completely.

Make a paste by combining both ingredients and apply it on your scar till the wound is healed off. You can also additional add some black gram powder to the paste as it will help in clearing your wound.