Knowing about What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Millions of people are suffering from fatigue globally. Not only moderate fatigue lowers down the efficiency to work but also affects enthusiasm to live life. Severe fatigue influences and hampers your normal routine of day in a very bad way. You all would be surprised to know that more than 20% of US population suffers from intense fatigue which deeply affects their normal life.

chronic fatigue syndrome

35% of the population in the big cities is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. According to the doctors every third person coming to them for the treatment is suffering from these problems. 30-45 aged groups of people are found to be more affected from CFS. 2 weeks is the maximum time for the patients to see themselves for getting relief by taking maximum rest and taking some vitamins. If the tiredness continues one should consult the doctor immediately.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a condition in which patient’s body feels very much tired and feels like lifeless. Person is unable to do any work correctly and properly due to tiredness. All the time he/she wants to take rest and daily routine work is also like climbing mountain for them.

In many cases patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are found to be normal after all medical tests, but then also they have the problem of body ache and depression. These people have the non medical reason for their problems. They can get rid of their problems after some counseling, some medicines, some exercises and making some changes in their daily routine life.

Three months is the minimum time to overcome the problem of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also if there is no medical cause, so one should keep patience if the treatment does not affect positively. The best way to live life cool and fit is to live life happily and stress free. Try to avoid the stressful conditions and remain fit and cool always.

Signs of fatigue really help in finding out whether you are really suffering from fatigue ailment or not. The signs of fatigue differ from person to person depending upon intensity of fatigue and its causative factors. Certain symptoms of fatigue are mild and tolerable while there exits some severe symptoms too which needs immediate medical support. Long term fatigue, if left untreated lead to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. Here are some of the common signs of fatigue to know about.

Weakness: Weakness is the most common chronic fatigue symptom. A person who suffers from fatigue experiences lack of energy in body which makes it hard for him to continuously perform their daily routine activities.

Lack of energy: Another sign of fatigue is lack of energy in body due to which person feels totally exhausted and tired most of the time.

Trouble in focusing: Due to extreme weakness and lack of energy, the affected person finds it hard to concentrate on his or her work and thus fails to complete tasks at right time.

Chronic fatigue symptoms also include rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vertigo and loss of concentration etc. It is also accompanied by symptoms multi joint pains, memory loss, muscle pains, headaches and recurrent sore throats. These are severe signs and require proper medical assistance. Such symptoms can easily help doctor in finding about the exact cause of fatigue.

Timely diagnosis and treatment would help not only in controlling this ailment but also in living quality healthy life. Getting the help of professional therapist such as available at can help a lot in treating the problems. One can also check out the app at and can get the timely help whenever required. They are reliable and can provide the solutions related to many health issues to make life better.