Long Term Effects Of Substance Abuse

Each and every addiction has its own long term and short term effects and have to be dealt with in a different manner. Substance abuse can happen for a variety of reasons and substances like alcohol, tobacco and drugs are the commonly abused by people all over the world, irrespective of financial capacity, gender and the rich/poor divide.

Individuals, their families and the society on the whole pays a huge price due to the long term effects of substance abuse of all kinds and this has been the bane of the human race for a long time.

This is more common in Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, etc.

When alcohol, drugs or tobacco are consumed beyond the capacity of an individual to sustain it, substance abuse occurs.

Alcohol which commonly begins as a part of our social drinking, moves into your homes and lives without understanding the long term effects of substance abuse, silently and takes toll of one’s health and wealth.

Tobacco is abused in the form of cigarettes & cigars in the high society as well as the lower class while tobacco in its purest forms is also abused leading to innumerable cases of mouth, oral and lung cancer.

Drugs have been around for long now and right from the student community to the celebrities have fallen prey to this deadly assassin, good that drug rehabs are there to help them.

The long term effects of substance abuse can be seen as follows:

These long term effects can be divided into two parts i.e. Physical and Psychological effects.

Physical effects: The effects of substance abuse due to long term abuse of drugs, alcohol or tobacco on the human body are quite pronounced and visible to others as the dependence on that particular substance grows beyond his or her control. The long terms effects of substance abuse are:

  • Kidney Failure: The Kidney is responsible for the filtration and purification of blood and when this critical organ is affected by substance abuse, it is not common for the individual to lead a dialysis dependent life or resort to replacement of the kidney by looking for donor.
  • Heart Disease: Heart attacks and heart failure may be the direct result of alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse and may lead to death.
  • Failure of the Lungs: Tobacco and drug smokers who inhale the deathly smoke are often victims of lung cancer or complete failure due to excessive exposure.

Psychological effects: The long term effects of substance abuse affects the mind greatly and lead to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

The above conditions are bound to affect the mental health of the individual and can range between mild and serious effects but will surely have a negative effect on the person abusing the substance and his or her family too. Substance abuse counseling is a very good option to help those who struggle with this problem.