Male Fertility Test To Know your Potency

Male fertility is a growing problem in the old as well as young male now a day. It is the inability of a male to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. Of tall the infertile cases it accounts for 40% – 50% of the cases. The sperm count has fallen to a third in a period of 16 years (from 1989 to 2005) according to a study in France.

male fertility test

Undescended testicles, birth genetic defects, health issues (diabetes, trauma, and prior surgeries maybe mumps (even from the mother during pregnancy)) can be the reasons for infertility. Apart from these, Modern lifestyle, Stress, Electronic devices and even the clothes can be the reasons for male infertility.

Male fertility test starts with a basic interview on questions ranging from full medical history, surgeries in past, lifestyle, medications and sexual life. The interview is followed by semen analysis. You can get yourself tested right after vasectomy or test yourself for fertility at any age. This will help you in getting treated at the right time.

Experts at assesses sperm count, their shape, movement, and other variables. Although high count generally refers to fertile male, but this holds true in 85% cases Also, 15% infertile males do have good fertility. A second male fertility test may be required to confirm.

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