Prescription Drug Abuse: Ending an Epidemic

Help to end the problem of prescription drug misuse and abuse by funding this great campaign. This indiegogo campaign is very interesting and looks at how a good patient can turn into a bad patient. The statistics show that a very high number of people end up becoming dependant on prescription drugs through no fault of their own. This could happen to anyone.

The doctor prescribes addictive medications such as opiods to patients with vague instructions about how they should be taken. “Take three to four times a day,” these are often given out without discussing the side effects or addictive quality of the drugs. A good patient could easily become addicted and some people even go on to becoming heroin addicts. This is a problem which is wide spread throughout America.


This Indiegogo page aims to fund a counselling program called ProCare which will allow patients to talk more openly about their problems and will also help them to find solutions to get off the medication and stay off it for good. Pro Care counselling is proactive and tailored to the individual. It is about providing the education needed and making patients realise that they are ultimately responsible for their decisions, health and wellbeing.

Patients will be given new pain management techniques to help them get their chronic pain under control. Education is at the forefront of everything proCare does and is a proven way to help people manage their addictions and eventually live drug free lives.

Head over to the Indiegogo page to find out more information about the program and how you can help. If you feel that this is something you want to see developed throughout the United States to end the epidemic then donate generously today. All donators of $45 will receive a lovely soft, stuffed bear. This will allow patients to get the best help and support possible when they need it the most

You can support this project and join them at: