Prevention of Baldness in Men

For some individuals, baldness is such a worry that some would even have sleepless nights thinking about what to do about their prevailing situations. At the age of between 30 and 35, many men experience baldness. In fact, according to a scientific research, at the age of 50, around 85 percent of men shall have developed baldness coming out of thinning hair. Baldness brings about some emotional shakeups among men.


In case of any kind of medical emergency you can always consult a doctor online.With everyone holding his head to be of value, especially when it comes to physical appearance, very many men come to lose confidence in themselves as a result of balding. Their self-esteem is also lowered because of the way they feel that they appear different.

This however shouldn’t be anything to worry about, considering the fact that there are treatment and control options available for anyone who is undergoing balding. Despite the fact that genetic factors are said to be the highest contributor of baldness in men, there are still prevention procedures or measures that one can take.

Hair transplant is one of the procedure to regain the lost hair. But many of them lack behind only by listening to the cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad. There are many centers of transplant that can offer you with an EMI option,so the people looking for it should not worry more about the money.

Before one can even think of getting treatment for balding in case it comes up, one should first think of the ways to evade the balding itself. There are various means that can be used by any man in order to steer clear of balding. These are practices that will ensure that one maintains his hair till old age without worrying of impaired looks when he reaches his fifties.

One of the ways of preventing baldness in men is by avoiding cigarettes and heavy exposure to sun at all costs. The damages that come along with these two bring negative impacts faster than even the speed of one’s hair growth. Exposure to heavy sun and smoking are major contributors to a receding hairline according to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgery. It is a choice that one has to consider; smoke and get bald accompanied by other health complications, or steer off smoking and not develop thinning hair. On dealing with the sun exposure, one would consider using exposure-protective wears such as umbrella when it is too hot and avoid too much walking in the sun.

Dandruff is also another cause of balding. One has to address his dandruff situation appropriately in order to evade balding. Scientists recommend the use of shampoos such as Nizoral which kills the dandruff yeast instantly. Considered as a cosmetic disease, dandruff is not that serious or contagious and obviously will not lead to some other health complications, but if it is not treated, it may lead to inflammation and itchiness that then lead to hair loss. Therefore one should ensure that the hair is properly washed every day.

A good diet also helps in maintenance of one’s hair; in fact it forms the main basis of hair loss or growth. Enough and a large variety of nutrients are essential for hair for growth and health, that is an obvious fact. Nutrients are first transported to essential tissues such as muscles and organs from where they proceed to hair. These nutrients include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc, protein, iron, vitamin A and C, magnesium and selenium. For omega-3 fatty acids, one should consider eating walnuts, tuna, sprouts, flaxseeds, salmon, kale and Brussels sprouts. The nutrients from these foods adds elasticity to hair thus preventing hair break-offs. Foods rich in zinc help the hair scalp stay healthy. Foods rich in Zinc include chickpeas, oysters, roast beef, wheat germ, beef and veal liver.

Proteins do not only help in the growth of muscles, but hair too. Eating of very little protein may lead to one having gray hair or growing bald. A diet that is rich in naturally occurring high-quality protein is very essential for hair growth. Foods such as egg yolks, peanuts, Greek yogurt, chicken, kale, beans, tofu, turkey and lentils are recommended for this.

Eating of foods rich in iron is an assurance of healthy circulation of blood. This nutrient ensures there is enough supply of oxygen to the hair scalp to aid healthy hair growth. Foods rich in iron include whole grains, red meat, dark-leafy greens, turkey, mussels, beans, clams and oysters. Vitamin A and C help in secretion of sebum, the substance spit out by the hair follicles that help to keep the hair from breaking off. Foods rich in these nutrients include Swiss chard, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach and sweet potatoes. Selenium on the other hand assists in stimulation of hair follicles that encourage growth of new hair.

Use of caffeine also assists in avoiding baldness. Caffeine stimulates hair shaft which helps its growth. Caffeinated shampoos are recommended for this, since they are available in the market. Taking cups of coffee to meet the demand will be kind of strenuous since it would require taking of about 60 cups a day. Caffeine can improve hair growth to about 40 percent.

To avoid baldness, people should also avoid stressful situations. Stress may lead to short-term hair loss. A study revealed that when one is over-stressed, the immune system might attack the hair follicles. The hair might return to normal however, when the stress period is over.

It is therefore easy to prevent baldness if these practices are observed. Hair growth and hair loss entirely depends on our daily activities, in exemption of cases where genetic factors are involved.