Side Effects of Weeds

Weeds can be of various types. Some of them are highly dangerous whereas some have medicinal properties which can further be used for preparing medicines. There can be lifelong side effects of weeds too. Weeds are often used for various purposes. Some use it for good things and others for bad reasons. As in Chinese medicinal therapy, they use tiger’s body parts to prepare various rare and expensive medicines. Similarly weeds like marijuana are used for medical purposes too.

Weed actually destructs the beauty of the place. If you have got over grown weed in your garden area, then you might know how tough it is to get rid of it. Weed is a plantation type which grows on its own. You don’t need to harvest it, but it will grow all by itself by absorbing the nutrients from the soil. The roots of weed are deep inside the ground thus it does not get dried out even during extreme climatic conditions. Unlike other plants weed make their own way and require lesser nutrients to sustain. Marijuana is a kind of weed which is used by people as a drug more often.

There can be many side effects of weed like marijuana which may lead to the death of the individual in extreme cases. Consuming marijuana often leads to addiction. Marijuana smokers, who have become addicted to it, face many side effects of weed due to their addiction. They confront some of the strangest side effects of weed like male breasts and over grown facial hair. Male breasts problem is also called as gynecomastia in scientific language.

Such a problem occurs when the testosterone level in the smoker’s body gets decreased due to excessive consumption of marijuana. It also leads to growth of facial hair, and a flat chest in some cases. It implies an increase in the estrogen hormone level in the body of the individual which is led by gradual decrease in the testosterone level. All these are the side effects of weed like marijuana which is consumed as a drug rather then something beneficial.

According to funpot there are some strategies by which one can decrease the impact of side effects of weeds occurred.

  • Stop smoking it to rebalance the level of hormones in the body. It will take considerable amount of time, but will surely help you get out of the problem.
  • Work out, hit the gym daily. It will make the side effects of weed vanish away rather sooner.
  • Seek medical advice and attend seminars and other informative events to know your problem and related concerns better.