The Alpha Ball Kickstarter Campaign

Here is the deal. The project for the Alpha ball that will tune your body to the deep relaxation alpha mode will only receive funding, if they reach a goal of $30,000. Therefore, it is important to get as many backers as possible in the time prescribed. The alpha ball is based on a theory that supports the idea that alpha waves help the body to enter a deep relaxation state.

Scientific studies support the fact that the alpha brain waves in the human brain are very important for creativity. Alpha waves surround everyone. However, a way to handle the waves is required to receive treatment. Enter the alpha ball that captures those waves. The alpha waves are thought to treat stress to chronic pain. They creator tested the alpha ball and placed prototypes into production.

Alpha ball


The inventor of the alpha ball (Rodion Yakoubovsky) is actively seeking pledges for this special project at Kickstarter. Those that pledge money to the kickstarter campaign will be one of the first to get their hands on the alpha ball that will tune your body to the deep relaxation alpha mode. For example, those donating $65 will receive an Alpha ball with a USB charger. Of course, there are other contribution levels that provide more. For example, those pledging $750 or more will receive 10 Alpha balls and more perks. The product also ships world-wide.

Kickstarter is on a mission to make it possible for truly inventive and creative people, like the creator of the Alpha ball, to have a way to bring their product to the consumer market. They’ve provided a sound platform for everyday people to bring their creative projects to life, through funding from interested backers that discover their projects on the Kickstarter site. Kickstarter is supplying the world with the new inventors of tomorrow.

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