The History, Present and Future of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has had a long history and has been used by healers for years due to its medicinal qualities. The earliest known mention of marijuana used for medical purposes can be found in Chinese culture where they recommended the use of marijuana to address digestive disorders and for pain of rheumatism.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana was also used in Western medicine. From 1840 to 1900 there were more than 100 articles that showed its therapeutic virtues, which were published in European and American medical journals.

Marijuana was also prescribed in the late 1930s by American physicians and it was only in the 1970s that the law would be put in place to ban all uses of the herb.  However, there is a controversy in the medical profession in terms of the safety and the effectiveness of medically prescribed marijuana.

In 2012, Colorado and Washington voted in the support of the legalization of marijuana. In total 23 states have now legalized the use of medical marijuana. The reason that it all changed was the ability to convince voters that don’t even use or like marijuana to support the legalization.

Even though public opinion over marijuana changed it does not mean that there is now a new support for the drug and many voters still saw marijuana use as a serious problem. Regardless of the fact that there are now healthy ways to smoke marijuana such as using a herbal vaporizer.

The support for legalization of medical marijuana rather looks at the consensus that the war on drugs in fact failed. They also saw that the prohibition of marijuana seemed to increase crime rather than reduce it.

Through the control and regulation of marijuana, the legalization of medical marijuana could help to destroy the criminality associated with it as well as allow law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes.

Voters also saw that the regulation of medical marijuana could be quite profitable. Those that do not use or like marijuana became in support of its legalization due to the societal gain that it could present and the additional funding it could create that could be used in other areas.  There were then two notable themes in the legalization of medical marijuana. The first being the reduction of crime and second being the money in tax that could be raised and used for other purposes like education.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado and Washington, many other states over the years have also made the same decision to legalize the drug. In 2014 New York was the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana.

There have been plenty of movement in the area of medical marijuana and the most recent are that the Federal Government has removed obstacles for privately funded medical marijuana research.

The DEA are also considering moving marijuana to a less restrictive drug schedule, which would mean that research and the development of medical marijuana could be boosted.