This Woman Wants To Open Up Her Own Restaurant And Is Looking For Support On Kickstarter

This Kickstarter project exists to help a woman move into a real restaurant with her talents. She is a great chef, and she has been doing things out of a buggy up until now. She is ready for all of that to change, and she is ready to open up her own restaurant. She has all of the talent that it will take to survive in the restaurant business, and the Korean food that she makes is something special. She is not looking to earn a lot of money and work her way up in the restaurant world, but she is instead doing this because it is something that she feels a passion for. She loves working with food and with her customers. She wants to open up a restaurant because of that, and for no other reason.


Everyone who believes that this woman can make it with a restaurant should make sure to support her on Kickstarter. Everyone who believes in the American dream and that everyone should be able to live it out should support her. She is dreaming big with wanting to open up her own restaurant, and she is hopeful that this will be able to happen. She wants to be able to serve people food in her own restaurant, and she is excited about the thought of that happening.

This woman is talented in the food that she makes, and she is friendly with her customers. She wants to be able to do this, so that people can come and eat her food. She wants to open up her own restaurant because she believes in herself and her abilities. Everyone who supports her and her dreams will feel good about what they are doing because of how happy they will make her, and because of how much success she will have with the place.

You can support this project and join them at: