Two Shakes-a-Day Diet Plan: Lose Unwanted Weight and Keep Yourself Slim

Some people are not really satisfied with only one meal replacement shake a day. They prefer going an extra mile to burn more fats and gain lean muscles with more than the amount they will get from one shake a day. Well, this may sound too much, especially for those who want to munch solid foods; but not really a bad idea to those who can’t wait to have their waist trimmed.

The secret to this is drinking two shakes a day containing a high amount of protein and low carbohydrate value, and adding some vegetables and fruits into the shake to make it more nutritious.

Let’s go into specific details regarding what to add and the benefits of having two shakes a day.

Pick your choice of Protein

There are different kinds of protein and each one has its own benefits to your overall health and impact on your weight loss efforts. Put in the amount that you will need in order to build muscle; and remember that the older you get, the more protein you will need to gain muscle mass.

  •         Whey Protein

This one is considered as the best form of protein, as it can be easily digested. But at the same time, it gives you high satiety levels after every meal, which means that you will not become hungry that fast in between meals, which might cause you to eat a lot if that happens.

  •         Protein Blends or Milk

If you want a protein that is slowly digested, you may opt to use protein blends or milk instead, as it can help you get hungry slowly. Some would put in both whey and protein blends in their shakes in order to get the benefits of these two proteins.

  •         Meal Replacements

These are a larger variety of protein serving which may come with 250-300 calories, and contain both whey and protein blends with added fiber, vitamins, and carbs. A half serving of this may contain only protein of 20 grams and carbs of 10 grams which is much preferred by many dieters.

  •         Plant Proteins, Egg and Soy

In case, you don’t want to have milk-based or dairy products as your key ingredients due to some reasons, perhaps because you are allergic to them. In this case, you may use plant proteins, egg and soy.

Put in some satisfying fiber

Fiber contributes a lot of useful health benefits that will greatly help in managing hunger and keeping you full. It expands and spreads in your digestive tract and also absorbs water to make you feel full. Not only that, but it will also replenish your fiber needs that naturally comes from the carbohydrates that you cut off from your diet and alleviate the increased sugar levels that your body will naturally make as a response to a newly taken meal. The types of fiber that you may incorporate into your shake are mentioned below.

  •         Psyllium

A great aid in digestion, this type of soluble fiber can absorb 50 times of water more than its weight, resulting to softer feces and relieves or even reduces the risk for constipation especially when restricting carbohydrate intake. 1 to 3 teaspoons may do.

  •         Glucomannan

This fiber works best if you take 2 capsules before a meal or put 2 capsules of it into a shake before a meal.

  •         Chia Seeds

You’ll be amazed to know that with only a teaspoon of this pack’s protein, fiber and omega-3s in a very balanced quantity, you only have to stir it or include it in your shake.

Add in some healthy Omega 3 Fats

When you’re on a diet, you stay very restricted with the foods that you can eat and get hungry all the time. Well, with the proper amount of good Omega 3 fats in your diet, you will feel full for a long time after you will consume it; as it will slow down digestion. Other health benefits of omega 3 fats are reduced fat absorption and increased fat burning.

  •         Flax Seed Oil

This is preferred by most customers, as it does not ruin the overall taste of the shake and offers 7.7 grams of omega 3 with only 120 calories.

  •         Fish oil

Putting a teaspoon of fish oil into your shake will provide you with 1.7 grams of omega 3 and 45 calories. But if you want, you can add 1 to 3 softgels of it. 1 to 3 grams of fish oil a day is the recommended dosage.

Research shows how much weight you can lose

There are many clinical studies that support the effectiveness of using 2 shakes a day to replace your regular meals.

  •         Two shakes of whey a day and 5 pounds of weight loss

A published clinical trial in the Journal of Nutrition tested 3 different shakes on 90 overweight women and men, giving them 23 weeks to consume 2 shakes a day of whey protein, soy protein, and carb shakes. Those who drank whey protein had the most significant weight loss while those who had the carb drinks had minimal results.

  •         A day with 2 MRPs helped lose 6 pounds of fat

38 males and females went under an experiment published in Nutrition and Metabolism who have tested the effectiveness of MRP. The results yielded that those who drank MRP’s and did their exercises experienced 6 pounds of weight loss compared to those who only drank it but no exercises.

  •         An MRP a day caused a 25 weight difference

A long research involving a time span of 5 years found out that their overweight subjects lost 10 pounds of fat compared to those who did not drink MRPs but gained 15 pounds instead over the same amount of time.

Carb, Fat and Protein Guide

There should be a balanced amount of these components in your shake in order to achieve your weight loss goal. Always remember that you should have an intake of 75-175 grams of protein everyday while reducing intake of carbohydrates in order to avoid sugar, and consuming about 40-90 grams of only healthy fats daily.

What about a complete meal replacement shake?

Note that most meal replacement shakes are already packed with the nutrients you need to get with the same amount to your regular meals. Though they are supposed to be taken in place of a regular meal to help you eat lesser calories and consume more protein and vital nutrients for weight loss, you should also keep your focus on the solid foods that you eat and be very careful with your decisions in order for your meals to complement your meal replacement shakes for a consistent and effective weight loss effort.

Finally, though it is truly up to you to choose whether to have two shakes a day to get rid of fat in your body or stick with your single shake a day, it is necessary to make everyone informed that when it comes to meal replacement shakes, too much definitely does not mean 2 shakes a day, as it has been proven to be effective in helping you lose weight.