Types and Symptoms of Sinusitis: Treating the problem naturally

Sinus infection commonly known as sinusitis is a disease infecting many people these days. The ailment results from the inflammation of sacs known as para-nasal sinuses. Sinuses are air filled sacs positioned on the front portion of your face, which have openings into the nasal cavity.

During the course of sinusitis, the openings of sacs get blocked due to viral infection, which leads to non drainage of mucus. Sinusitis leads to throbbing headache pointing towards a particular area. It affects the front face as sinuses are located thereon.

Symptoms of SinusitisTypes of sinusitis

In accordance to the duration of inflammation, following are the different forms of sinusitis:

Acute Sinusitis: When a common cold lasts for at least 10-14 days it is associated as acute sinusitis. It results into a stuffy nose accompanied with lots of pain in facial bones and an uneasy behavior.

Chronic Sinusitis: When a common cold lasts for more than 60 days, it is chronic sinusitis. It results into facial congestion, total nasal blockage, high fever and sometimes pus in nasal tract. Dental pain is another major problem faced by the person suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Symptoms of cold and sinusitis

Symptoms of the common cold and sinus can include runny nose, sneezing, coughing or sniffling, mild headaches, mild body aches, etc.

Effective home remedies

Often sinus and cold is a problem that can be treated well at home if care has been taken at initial stages. One can follow some of the below mentioned remedies for sinus swelling treatment.

Chicken noodle soup is not only delicious but is at a remedy that can definitely make you feel better in a matter of hours. Research suggests that the combination of salt and heat is what allows you to feel better, and if you can’t seem chicken soup with added vegetables, it might even stop the virus from spreading. This is what you can and will soup is such a popular remedy.

Garlic is a very popular herb that has been used for centuries for there is ailments and conditions. It is often include it in some daily supplements, and you can also find it in certain cold medicines. Garlic has other benefits do, like reducing your blood pressure and preventing certain cancers. Garlic contains allicin, which also gives it its strong odor. Some supplement manufacturers remove this ingredient to improve the smell, although this might not be as effective.

CBD oil is recently gaining much popularity due to the effectiveness in treating health issues such as sinus infection and many more. CBD oil is extracted from cannabinoids found in cannabis which helps in opening up the sinus passageways thus relieving the problem.

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