Why Donald trump uses Armodafinil (viral)

Most of you by now that Donald trump won the presidency, we for sure knew one thing we like it are not; Donald trump will win the presidency against all odds and be the next president of United States of America. How exactly did he win the presidency? Was he on some drugs?

Yes! Donald trump uses Armodafinil which is a wonder drug that helps a person boost their mental health and keeps them motivated all day. Now you may be thinking that how a supplement can help him became president of US and there are dozens of books about the real estate entrepreneur’s path to reach white house, but as we all know that there was something fishy about him but from the trampling of the republican primary field to his convincing victory over Hillary Clinton after a nasty election campaign he seemed to cover it all. Doing the aftermath here are the things we are going to disclose to you.

First, let me tell you something about Armodafinil and what the benefits of using are Armodafinil are and how it helped trump,

Armodafinil improves a person’s alertness and at the same time helps focus on a task a 100% with great results. All we all know that trump is always very focused on his task, mostly when he is in front of the media, he is always alert about what he has to say.

Armodafinil gives a high level of energy to work all day. Now to tell you the truth I don’t believe a man like trump can be full of energy all day and never get tired, there’s no doubt he uses something .We don’t want to believe that trump is bad mouthing people just because he likes too, but can they be the reason of his I energy?

You may have read what Howard dean tweeted on twitter, phrasing him “Notice Trump sniffing all the time,” Dean tweeted, before asking, “Coke user?”. It would seem that dean was pointing towards what we been thinking for a while. While if hasn’t been allegedly unfolded but there was a buzz all over the internet about him using drugs.

The common side effects of nuvigil are nausea, dry mouth, headache and more. Trump is a hot head we all know that, as Trump and Clinton went face to face in the debate on Monday night, we noticed him drinking a lot of water, dry mouth I say.

Moving forward whether we like it or not but Donald trump left the world shocked by getting elected as the 45th president of the united states during 2016 election and he may not have allegedly excepted that he uses Armodafinil but he sure does uses something.

Coming back to the topic Donald trump made a wise decision using Armodafinil. It is a legal drug and has helped a lot of people tackle difficulties in their daily life. Being the president of US has a lot of burdens. If you also want to achieve high goals you should definitely try it once.